My name is Ola Zuri and I am the author of a children’s series titled, To Be Me. The overall purpose of the program is to provide positive literature to encourage and empower all children to believe in themselves with determination and faith, while discovering and using perseverance for success and overcoming obstacles in life.  Children come in all shapes, sizes, shades, and abilities – my goal is to encourage and empower all of these children to grow confident with their own sense of self by providing To Be Me as  a positive resource for them!!

To Be Me also gives parents the support needed to raise the confidence levels in their children. It also provides resources for the educators, support workers and community members with situations any child may experience that is on the level of the child. Next, the books emphasize roles to actively teach and encourage children to believe in what is inside of themselves and not on what others may say or want for them. The variety of subjects touched upon in the books include family, identity, belonging, adoption, fitting in, foster care, and most importantly are the building of positive self esteem and of positive self confidence within children.

Having this type of resource when I was growing up would have been fantastic! Unfortunately, there weren’t any supports and, as I continued to read and look around me, I saw these resources were still needed today.  So, the idea came to me to do something about it and assist the children of today with learning  how to build on who is inside of themselves when it came to dealing with some of the issues, such as loneliness and possible sadness, that they may not know how to work through alone.  To Be Me is all about empowering the children with finding their own strength and power from inside of themselves – to see who they are as children and to grow inside with love for themselves and who they are as they mature and grow on a daily basis. If they can believe from within at an early age, that is what it’s all about!   I am thrilled to be a part of the lives of the children and families I am touching everyday!  It can only continue to get better from here!